Monday, 11 April 2011

Maybe most of you know what 얼짱 is all about. It's a korean word which means "best face". As I mentioned before Korea is kinda obsessed with beauty. So trying to achieve an ulzzang look is pretty common especially among teenagers or young adults. This look is all about being cute and doll-alike.

It means a pale skin tone, big eyes (with a help of circle lenses), small face, cute face expressions + (in most of the cases) a lot of photoshop.

 This ulzzang thing became so popular in Korea, that some of ulzzangs are in reality shows, have their own webpages ( with tons of followers, there even are webpages where they can rate the pictures and pick the ulzzang of the month or smth. 

And here is my try to be an uljjang lol which is fail written all over it hahahahaha!

And all for you creeps out there, who like secretly creepin' at people (I know you do) here is one of the pages where you can creep at uljjangs as much as you want lol :)

Short note: I want to apologize to ALL of you (I mean, those two people who read my blog... my sis and my mom lol) I know I am the worst blogger ever. My last post was more than a year ago...
Well I have a reason for that - I am a lazyass m*t%er*uc&er I was extremely busy ㅠ.ㅠ Anyways I am back and hopefully I will be more commited from now on :)

P.s. Again, pictures were borrowed from various places on the internet most of them I guess from the website mentioned above :)


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